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We deserve your trust

At ENIDAN Technologies we design, develop and operate managed email solutions. We believe in our services being user-friendly, of the highest qualitative standard and most importantly, reliable.

Founded in 2004, we have grown from being a high-tech startup to an established managed services provider. Since then, as well as expanding our direct-sales activities, we have also acquired a wide network of resellers and partners.

As a Swiss leader in managed email services we continue to focus on refining and enhancing our existing services as well as investing in the development of new products. Given our location in the heart of Europe, we are also best placed to further expand our presence in the ever growing international market.

ENIDAN Technologies GmbH is still fully privately owned by the original founders.

Spam and virus filter

Over 90% of all e-mail are spam. Up to 10% contain viruses. Spamchek makes sure neither spam nor viruses reach your mail server.


Email archiving

Companies need to archive business-related correspondence, e-mail included, for at least 10 years. Spamchek makes it easier for you.