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Spam and virus filter

Ending spam and virus - once and for all.

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Over 90% of all emails are spam, and the trend is only increasing. They are transmitted through vast PC botnets that are seized by viruses and Trojans. Reliable spam and virus filters are therefore mission critical to any business.

Spamchek solves the problem simply and completely. All of your company's incoming emails are redirected to our servers and filtered in real time, eliminating 98.6% of all spam and 99.9% of all email-borne viruses. Spamchek's external solution provides major advantages: First, you don't need to invest in expensive hardware and software. Second, you increase the capacity of your IT systems, since your mail server has to process about 90% fewer emails.
Spamchek at a glance
  • Eliminates 98.6% of all spam
  • Stops 99.9% of all email viruses
  • Up-to-date spam and virus filters
  • Mail processing in real time
  • Works with all operating systems and email programs
  • No interruption of operations, no installation
  • Highly flexible management of spam and virus email

Email archiving

Companies need to archive business-related correspondence, e-mail included, for at least 10 years. Spamchek makes it easier for you.