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Spam and virus filter

Little detour,
big results

You only have to make a single configuration change on your mail server to end spam and viruses once and for all. Switch the DNS MX (Mail eXchange) setting from your own domain to Spamchek, and all incoming emails are first directed through the powerful filter system on our servers. The filtering usually takes less than ten seconds, and only clean email is then forwarded to your mail server. Possible and definite spam and email with viruses, worms or trojans are isolated on our servers in a quarantine area.
How does the filtering work?
Every email goes through a multistage pipeline at Spamchek, based on multiple lists as well as rule-based and adaptive filters. These check the email for a variety of characteristics. Some of these filters are updated several times a day - for example, those for viruses, worms, Trojans and phishing. Thus, on the one hand, our spam and virus filters achieve a tremendously high success rate - around 99% for spam and 99.9% for viruses. On the other hand, the rate of "false positive" spam email detained, at less than 0.01% of all emails processed, is extremely low.
Reliability is paramount
Email is mission-critical for virtually every company, and any mail system failure normally has a serious impact. Therefore Spamchek uses systems that can process extremely large amounts of mail in real time. All systems are multi-redundant, of course; main and fallback system are separated. Even if more than one system were not functioning, the operation would continue running without interruption. And even if your mail server fails, we automatically cache all your emails for up to 30 days. Your data is protected under the strict rules of the Swiss Telecommunications Act. Our data center meets the requirements of the SFBC Circular 2/99 (the Swiss Federal Banking Commission).

Email archiving

Companies need to archive business-related correspondence, e-mail included, for at least 10 years. Spamchek makes it easier for you.