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Spam- und Virenfilter

Quarantine, management und information

To give you 24/7 control of your mail's processing, Spamchek provides you with a comprehensive range of management and informational tools.
First: SAM, the Spamchek Account Manager
SAM is the control center with which the system administrator can adjust all the parameters of a company's email processing. For example, he can adjust the thresholds for spam classification and retention time in quarantine. With SAM he can also define filter rules, create black and white lists, as well as safely screen emails in the quarantine area and release them as needed.
Second:, the individual user interface
The users of your e-mail domain have personal access to Spamchek. Via my.spamchek, for example, they can customize how often they receive a quarantine report. Or check all their emails classified as potential spam, and release them as needed. The user interface of is designed to accommodate minimal computer knowledge, allowing quick and safe navigation. Our customers control the activation of for their email users.
Third: quarantine reports
We regularly inform all email users of new emails in the quarantine area. They can individually and independently check those emails classified as potential spam and release any that have been mistakenly quarantined ("false positives").
Fourth: administrator reports
Our customers administrators receive a monthly summary of the most important statistics of their mail domain(s). Here's an example PDF administrator report.

Email archiving

Companies need to archive business-related correspondence, e-mail included, for at least 10 years. Spamchek makes it easier for you.