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Frequently asked questions

How secure is Spamchek?
Our filter systems are probably better protected than your company's mail server. All systems are both multi-redundant and situated at multiple locations.
How safe are Spamchek's virus filters?
Our multiple virus filters are updated several times daily. The probability that our filters would not recognize a virus, is vanishingly small. Much greater is the risk of infection from USB flash drives or CD-ROMs, so we advise our customers to continue using internal virus filters.
What happens if a customer's mail server fails?
Not a single email is lost, because we store all incoming emails for up to 30 days.
How long does it take to switch to Spamchek, and what we need to install?
From registration to launch usually takes less than one working day. You don't have to install anything - your administrator only has to change your mail server's DNS MX configuration, which takes less than five minutes.
What operating systems and email programs does Spamchek work with?
Spamchek operates at the SMTP level and is therefore 100% platform independent. Nor does it matter which e-mail programs are used.
How can I be sure that Spamchek doesn't withhold any wanted emails?
After passing through the filter stages every email receives an individual score. Emails with less than 4 points are considered clean and forwarded. Emails with 4 to 6 points are regarded as potential spam and listed in the next quarantine report. They comprise about 0.5% of all filtered emails. If an email has been withheld in error by the receiver or administrator, it can be released immediately. Emails with more than 6 points are regarded as spam with 100% certainty, accounting for about 92% of all filtered emails.
What proportion of emails are erroneously withheld?
Vanishingly small: In the course of a month, less than 0.01%.
How long do emails remain in quarantine?
Definite spam is stored for 96 hours; possible spam for 8 weeks.
How long does processing take with Spamchek?
Even at a very high volume of spam, an email is processed in less than 10 seconds, thus almost in real time.
What about data security/privacy?
We are subject to strict Swiss laws. We also guarantee absolute discretion by contract, and all our employees sign a confidentiality agreement, like those used in Swiss banks and financial institutions.
Does Spamchek require any additional hard- or software?
No. On the contrary - the capacity of your mail server increases by about 90% because only clean messages are forwarded to you.
We're not completely sure that Spamchek is really right for us. What should we do?
Send us an email and for 30 days we'll filter your emails for spam and viruses free of charge. But be warned - after a few days you won't want to do without Spamchek again ...
What about support?
Spamchek is a Swiss service. That is, we provide support in your native language, and if you call our hotline, someone answers in Herrliberg (not Hyderabad, Krakau or Dublin).
Is Spamchek a Swiss company?
Yes. Our perspective on quality is accordingly Swiss.
How big is Spamchek?
Large enough to handle very large email volumes - but small (and Swiss) enough to be responsive to your needs.

Email archiving

Companies need to archive business-related correspondence, e-mail included, for at least 10 years. Spamchek makes it easier for you.




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